Group Account Director
Group Account Director

Stephanie Parks

My 9a-5p consists of translating client lingo to agency tasks, while adding a zing to brands and presenting them strategically to the world. My 5p-9a consists of translating my kid’s lingo with my hubby to fun activities, while living it up on the Florida beaches shelling and scuba diving. Yes, #FloridaMan is real, and everyone has a little bit of it in their blood down here.

What ice cream flavor describes your personality?

Remember pop-rocks ice-cream? Always has a little sizzle and bubble!

What is your favorite thing to do for an hour?

Go shelling on the beach. I love to find different shells and shark teeth scattered on the coastline.

If you could only have one pizza topping?

Honestly, plain cheese. You can’t mess up a cheese pizza.

What is your most awkward talent?

I can lick my elbow. Double-jointed kids for the win!



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