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Senior Designer

Montana Currie

There is not a road trip too long or a destination too far—if you follow Montana on Instagram, you might even think she's a retired road warrior! The reality: Montana is a bit of a workaholic who knows how to play hard in her spare time. While most of us spend the weekend enjoying one or two pastimes, she’s usually ticking off an itinerary with twenty activities. Her current mission is to find the top hot springs across the globe. She has four dogs—Tequila, Tia, Nellie, and Olive (often referred to as the Tikibutts)—who are never far from her side. The only downside to her busy life on the road, Montana confesses, is that she's not a real whiz in the kitchen: "Even though I used to be a sushi chef at a Zagat-rated restaurant, I recently tried to make soup from a can and didn’t realize that you actually have to 'cook' it!"

What ice cream flavor describes your personality?

Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough starring Jimmy Fallon….often described as over the top!

What is your favorite thing to do for an hour?

Be a crazy dog mom and take 2897234 pictures of the Tikibutts! You can never have too many pictures of your 4-legged children!

If you could only have one pizza topping?

Pepperoni for lyfe

What is your most awkward talent?

Singing with my mouth closed



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