Group Account Director
Group Account Director

Christina Montero

As 20-year Cat Herding Veteran and Strategic Hat Fashionista—I am known at various global agencies and a B corp, for putting clients at ease through a warm, spunky vibe and an occasional incorrect idiom. Mom to the coolest toddler, Felix, and an even cooler (literal) cat, Jacob. Also snagged a pretty stellar hubby named Hans. Born in Brazil, came of age in CT, got my school on in D.C., worked hard and played hard in NYC and now living my best life in Sugar House, UT.

What is your go-to condiment?

Relish & not-too-spicy spicy mayo

Where on earth do you feel most like yourself?

Home sweet home, hanging out with my fam and our neighborhood tribe

What is your go-to for stress relief?

Window shopping that doesn’t end up yielding buyer’s remorse

What are your mutant abilities?

I can walk on my hands both on land and in water



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