Managing Director, Digital Marketing
Managing Director, Digital Marketing

Mike Cowan

Mike was previously Chief Digital Officer at Nitro Circus. Before that, he was VP of Marketing and Content at Demand Media. Mike has an MBA at the Anderson School of Business at UCLA and holds a Bachelor of Commerce at Queen's University in Canada. At Queen's University, Mike was the school's athlete of the year while serving as a 3-year captain of the soccer team and left his time there as Canadian college soccer's leading goal scorer of all-time.

What work of art makes you feel all the things?

The Last Waltz, the concert film of The Band's final show, by Martin Scorcese. If I can keep viewings to under 10 times a year, it's showing restraint.

Where on earth do you feel most like yourself?

In a rehearsal studio playing music with bandmates and friends.

What is your most awkward talent?

Despite being in my 40's, I'm a globally rated FIFA soccer video game player. It satisfies the competitive urge after being too old to be good at actual sports.

Favorite swear word.

I like replacing swear words with famous movie titles. For example "Lord of The Rings It's Hot Out" or "Dances With Wolves That's a Great Piece of Pizza" Don't judge me, it's funny I swear.



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