UX/UI Designer

Kyra Goodwill

When she’s not designing user experience simulations, you’ll find her tending to her gardening, loving on her fur-babies, or perhaps tinkering around her craft room (or as she prefers to reference it as, the creation station).

Where on earth do you feel most like yourself?

In nature; forests, lakes, beaches, and my backyard.

What is the one book that speaks to you?

The Four Agreements. I like to read it at least once a year, to help remind me who I am and what life is all about as a child of the cosmos.

Favorite swear word (censor all answers)?

Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

What are your mutant abilities?

Somewhere between Charles Xavier (telepath) and a new hero I would call The Green Witch, whose abilities would stem from the power to manipulate organic matter (like an alchemist).



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