Emily Fabiszewski

Writer and lover of dogs, cats, moose, and alligators. In my spare time, you can find me sifting through the racks and shelves of any Goodwill or scrolling consignment websites to find that designer sweater at a better price. If that’s not the case, I’m probably scheming ways to sneak another plant into my apartment without my partner knowing. All the while effortlessly reciting Taylor Swift lyrics.

What is your favorite thing to do for an hour?

Strum a guitar, take a walk, or have a picnic.

Where on earth do you feel most like yourself?

Nashville, TN. There’s nothing like being surrounded by music lovers in a space that normalizes my adoration of cowboy boots.

If you could only have one pizza topping?

Black olives, forever.

What are your mutant abilities?

The ability to fit “just one more” blazer into my closet. Gotta have one in every color and pattern combo… right?



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