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Blue Yonder is a world leader in cloud supply chain solutions and order management. They’re mission is keeping their customers on the cutting edge of supply chain technology. Despite their stellar tech and results, their product offerings needed a megaphone to bring in customers from previously untapped markets.
The goal.
We set out to assist BlueYonder's sales team in promoting their SaaS-based platforms within the industrial sector, and ultimately, help bring in new business by penetrating deeper into unreached business units of several major industrial organizations, like Stanley, Black & Decker.
The challenge.
Reaching key decision makers at major corporations is hard on it’s own. But convincing them to leave a supply chain system they felt “safe” with and adopt your technology with little to no previous exposure to the brand? We had our work cut out for us.
The plan.
How do we help sales teams connect with key decision makers? We bypass the gatekeepers and create hyper-personal digital ads for the brands we are targeting. We created an Account Based Marketing (ABM) playbook that identified uber-specific leadership targets within companies we believed would benefit from BlueYonder’s supply chain SaaS products, working hand in hand with paid marketing tactics needed to reach these individuals in an authentic way.
The execution.
We started by sleuthing out which decision-makers within these organizations to target. We took a deep dive into what these decision-makers care about, what’s happening in their industry, and what makes them tick. After identifying the Industrial and Security business unit leads at SBD, we crafted a customized messaging framework that would resonate with each category leader, coupled with a detailed multi-channel outreach strategy with multiple content types and target personas.
Clients Section
The results.
These campaigns led to over $47 Million in deals won and over $200 Million in pipeline generated. Ultimately, these successes led to a major acquisition of Blue Yonder by Panasonic at an evaluation of $8.5 Billion.
$47 million
in deals won
more than
$200 million
in pipeline generated
major acquisition of Blue Yonder by Panasonic at an evaluation of
$8.5 billion
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