Look, up in the sky:

Your click-through rate is soaring.

We helped an innovative aerial imaging company
from Australia break into the North American market with a smart, immersive online campaign.

Bringing a new perspective to a new market.

Nearmap is an Australian company specializing in high-def aerial mapping photography. The technology is used to capture before and after images of catastrophes to aid insurance companies, as well as to provide aerial views of land and cities to inform civic and government planning.

Nearmap recently expanded operations into North America and turned to Contravent to help establish a presence in this new market and to demonstrate the limitless potential of their product.

Don’t overlook a single detail.

We went right to work, looking at the challenge from every angle. We learned everything we could about the technology and product. We conducted interviews with Nearmap leadership and product experts. We poured through thousands of captured images to fully grasp the potential and wow factor of the technology. We put together a complete digital strategy and developed key messaging around the product’s core benefits and customer pain points.

An immersive campaign. Built from the ground up.

As a full-service creative agency, we took our learnings and strategy and concepts then built a beautiful digital campaign that delivers the key message and demonstrates the impact of the technology—right inside a banner ad.

Check out the following samples from the campaign to see how we developed banner ads that depict real before and after Nearmap aerial images to demonstrate the power and potential of Nearmap’s technology.

Putting an Australian company on the map in North America.

Programmatic reporting showed an unprecedented click-through rate on these digital banners, meaning Nearmap’s new target market is not only noticing the campaign, but interacting with it to gain more information and engage with the company. That’s brand awareness in action.

Contravent received kudos from Nearmap’s marketing teams in both Australia and North America for the success of the campaign, with specific props given for finding a way to blend a product demo into the ads in a seamless, simple, but striking way.

The result of a true collaborative partnership between a savvy client and a creative agency, this project demonstrates the power of data-driven strategy combined with digital storytelling.
All images are proprietary of NearMap
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