Helping turn Iron Flask into a multi-channel iron giant

From “big on Amazon,” to “big at Target, too”

Iron Flask made most of its money on Amazon—with 96 percent of its sales coming through that one source. Its long-term goals: to turn up the dial on wholesale purchases and getting Iron Flask products onto shelves at Target.

Building a new brand…

Contravent responded with a total brand makeover, starting with a comprehensive UX, content, and analytics audit of their website. From there, we built wireframes and content outlines—as well as pulling off a photoshoot of Iron Flask’s entire product line.

… to show to new audiences.

With a new catalog of photography and working with our team of SEO experts, we overhauled Iron Flask’s website. And we helped show off Iron Flask’s new brand to a wider audience, delivering a comprehensive organic and performance marketing campaign.

Right on Iron Flask’s Target

As Iron Flask’s new website continues to provide a new take on its brand, its organic social channels have struck a chord with new audiences, as well, resonating to the tune of over 100,000 views in some cases. And our digital strategy efforts helped create the buzz we hoped for, helping Iron Flask reach its goal of getting into Target and in front of millions more customers.
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