We helped Adobe revamp their customer success platform

*The old Experience League site

Rebuilding an experience from the ground up.

Adobe needed to update the product UI and creative of its customer learning and success platform—called Experience League—to better reflect a new Adobe brand, while establishing a unique look and feel with which users can relate. Additionally, the program’s identity needed to be repositioned from simply a self-help portal to a true customer success platform where users can learn skills, grow professionally, and connect with a community. This called for a revamp of the look and feel as well as a complete rethinking and restructure of the entire user experience and journey. The ultimate goal? Boost user engagement and customer retention.

A total team effort.

To do this, we applied our trademark strategic thinking, UX expertise, problem solving, artistry, and creative muscle to build a design system and a customer experience that is meaningful, visually stunning, and easy to navigate and engage with.

Telling stories through smart design.

It all starts with the Experience League mantra, “For real people, by real people.” Everything from the strategy to UX insights to the creative output was developed with that mantra in mind. The program really is about people—real people, in real circumstances, looking to grow their careers with real tools and skills. That sentiment powered creative explorations and decisions, ultimately leading to a design system that features authentic people as heroes, accentuated by beautiful collages that consist of bright Adobe colors, interesting shapes, artistic flourishes, and symbolism that acknowledges that every digital marketer who comes to the site is in some way a creator and experience maker. Through the creative, we help Adobe tell rich stories and offer their customers solutions that are always meaningful and relevant.

Delivering a full experience.

Of course, this was much more than just slapping a new skin on a webpage. We put our digital expertise to work and delivered a complete design system and a strategic, informed customer flow for dozens of webpages and learning points across the experience, including the development of a “gamification” element to keep users motivated as they pursue their learning goals. Beyond the website, the creative is being applied to everything from social posts to email campaigns to PowerPoint decks. Yep. With this design system, even PowerPoint looks great.

A big project that’s leaving a big impression.

The new Experience League website has a distinct identity that resonates with its audience, while feeling right at home with the main Adobe brand. The experience itself has been revamped to be more intuitive, while providing greater depth and possibility for users and the community that dives into the program. The work gives a vibrant, fresh, and energetic feel to the program as well as a more focused and viable strategic position to offer customers the long-term support and learning they seek. The new system and experience has been widely lauded by Adobe clients and customers.
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