Creative Director
Creative Director

Caroline King

Moonlights as a baker with a penchant for cookies and pies. A mom of one adorable toddler, 3 cool step kids, and a ridiculous dog. Often blasting 90’s hip hop to get through the day—though the only song I know all the words to is Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa. On a personal mission to find the best pastry shop in Salt Lake City (and any other city I visit).

What work of art makes you feel all the things?

The Roman Forum

Who is your hero?

My Aunt Donna who was incredibly brave, hilarious, smart and an absolute icon. For example: she once trained jaguars at the zoo how to swim.

Who would your zombie apocalypse sidekick be and why?

Domenic Toretto, obvs. He could drive us out of the danger right quick and save us from any flying tanks.

Favorite swear word?




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