Head of Account Service
Head of Account Service

Brooke Knudtson

When you ask Brooke what’s most notable about her, she’ll tell you it’s her loud voice. And while it does tend to carry, what’s most notable about her voice is the purpose behind it. As account director, Brooke gets things done and does so by developing a deep understanding of those things—asking questions, listening to answers, and developing creative strategies. It’s an approach that carries over into her considerable health and fitness regimen—her “hatred” of donuts and ice cream—and her absolute love for her “feisty” daughter. So, sure, she may be loud sometimes. But we’ve never once seen that be a bad thing.

What ice cream flavor describes your personality? 

Rainbow Sherbet: Flavors that surprise you.

Where on earth do you feel most like yourself?

Any beach. Ocean, smell of salt, sun etc. are the most calming. And I’m a lizard so need the sun.

What are your mutant abilities?

Extreme flexibility and joints hyperextend.

Favorite movie villain and why?

Maleficent. She is complicated, powerful, doesn’t take any shit, and is completely unexpected



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