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Project Manager

Amanda Lacey

Amanda loves almost anything Disney, specifically Villains. She spends her free time playing Skip-Bo with her bestie Jessica and hanging out with her family. She loves board and card games, watching Disney movies, Schitt’s Creek, Brooklyn 99, and The Office, along with cooking and baking. She has a sweet Beagle named Sadie who she loves dearly.

What ice cream flavor describes your personality?

Rocky Road – I’m nuts, soft like a marshmallow, and everyone loves me (everyone loves chocolate). People are drawn in by the chocolate, then find out what rocky really means.

If your life were a movie, what genre would it be?

Psychological thriller & Disney

What is your most awkward talent?

I know Disney songs from the first 5 seconds of the song.

What fictional character personifies your alter-ego?

Kronk (Emperor’s New Groove)– He is sweet and cares about other people, loves to cook, has an evil best friend, gullible, too trusting, seeks approval of others, over-explains everything, Skipbo and Dessert is priority.. even if you have a llama body to get rid of.



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