Ali Dunford

About to graduate from the University of Utah with my BFA in Graphic Design. I live in Cottonwood Heights with my husband, daughter, and our neurotic dog Radley. I absolutely love photography and take primarily landscape photography. But honestly love to take photos of just about anything. Have a strong love for the outdoors and try to get out for camping and adventures as much as possible.

What is your favorite thing to do for an hour?

I’m a huge book nerd and love to read as much as I can

Where on earth do you feel most like yourself?

Whether it’s in the mountains or the desert, I am most comfortable and happy outside.

Favorite swear word?

Probably has to be G** D*****

Favorite movie villain and why?

This is random, but Earl Brooks from the movie Mr. Brooks. Mostly because it is fascinating and his is an interesting character.



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